Dr. Lauren Griffith

Please indicate the nature of your appointment.

Discuss course content

If you are struggling with material in my class, PLEASE come see me ASAP. If you need notes because you missed class…please get these from a classmate or the TA.

15 minutes

Discuss a current assignment

For all written assignments, please send me a draft of what you have completed so far (even if that’s just an outline) the night before our scheduled meeting.

15 minutes

Discuss your grade on a specific assignment

I am happy to speak with students about their grades and review the criteria that I use in grading; however, I do not tolerate ‘grade grubbing’ and in the interest of fairness, I cannot make special deals with students regarding grades. If you believe an error was made in grading - please come prepared with a written defense of your answer(s) and documentation from our text(s) or class notes to support your plea.

15 minutes

Discuss a thesis [MA students]

If you would like me to read a draft of your thesis, annotated bibliography, etc., please send it to me 48 hours prior to our meeting. If you are looking for advice on a particular body of theory, please include some key words in this booking form so I can be ready to help you when you arrive.

30 minutes

Independent study meeting

This option is ONLY for students who have registered for an independent study course with me. Depending on our agreement, you are responsible for booking either weekly or bimonthly appointments with me.

30 minutes

Discuss career paths in anthropology

I am happy to talk with students about careers in both applied & academic anthropology as well as their plans regarding graduate school.

15 minutes

Letter of Recommendation

I am happy to write letters of recommendations for students who a) I know well enough to comment positively on their potential; b) meet with me to discuss the opportunities for which they are needing a recommendation. One meeting prior to the first letter I write for you is generally sufficient - all subsequent letters can be requested via email.

Please come prepared to discuss the following questions: (1) What is the nature of the position that you are seeking and why do you think you are a good fit? (2) What personal & academic characteristics are you hoping I will highlight in my letter? (3) Think of one interaction we’ve had that really showcases the above characteristics that you want me to highlight. (4) What grades did you earn in my class(es)?

15 minutes


15 minutes

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